4 Jun /19

Sport Translations Fit for World Champions

The countdown to the Spielmacher Conference 2019 on 12 June 2019 has begun – and EVS Translations is on board

The countdown to the Spielmacher Conference 2019 on 12 June 2019 has begun – and EVS Translations is on board
The countdown to the Spielmacher Conference 2019 on 12 June 2019 has begun – and EVS Translations is on board

The German football season is now behind us. FC Bayern Munich claimed the national championship for the seventh time in a row, winning the DFB Cup for the 19th time overall in the final against RB Leipzig. On the international football scene, the finals of the UEFA Europa League and Champions League are being held this week. It all gets going again in just two weeks. On 12 June 2019, big names from the football industry will be meeting at the Spielmacher Conference 2019. They will be discussing new trends, giving talks about appealing to target groups internationally and about strategic communication in football, winning fans and sponsorship activities, and meeting some new people at the same time.

E-sports, Asia & big data – three trends in the international football industry

With a games console instead of a sports ground, it has long been the case that you no longer have to leave the house to play football. Computer games create virtual spaces in which e-athletes can meet up to kick a ball around in multiplayer mode. ‘Electronic sport’ has evolved into its own discipline and appeals to Bundesliga teams with its attractive potential for integrating their own fan communities and generating interaction. Asia in particular is a popular target for expansion. In addition to China, India is a very up-and-coming location. Big data and artificial intelligence are useful instruments – not only in this case – for making intelligent decisions based even more heavily on figures when it comes to sponsorship and player transfers.

Creating a translation trend in football by appealing to target groups internationally

At EVS Translations, too, we have seen an increase in sport translations in general and in football in particular. As well as urgent press releases and financial reports, most of the requests that we receive are for translations of websites. Two examples include a media agency specialising in sports that would like to have its homepage translated into the main European languages, or a provider of sports betting games wanting its website translated into 17 European and Asian languages, including English. To help you rank highly on search engines in foreign languages as well, we are happy to combine website translations with international SEO. This involves testing existing keywords for cultural suitability and, if necessary, adapting them to the typical search habits of a particular country. High-quality human translations and a meticulous appeal to target groups convey a feeling of appreciation and community to both fans and stakeholders.

Sport translations fit for world champions

Score points with first-class sport translations! Our football experts will be happy to advise you regarding your language needs and any technical or linguistic features that need to be taken into account in terms of translation and layout.

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