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Document Translation Is the Bread and Butter of the Translation Industry

Document Translation Is the Bread and Butter of the Translation Industry
Document Translation Is the Bread and Butter of the Translation Industry – EVS Translations

Document translation is the bread and butter of the translation industry, including EVS Translations’. Our services started with document translations and will most likely also continue with them well into the future. They’re the simplest and most-straightforward form of professional translations; not only because they’re easily created and transferred, but also because both the client and EVS Translations understand how to work with them.

If you and your company have never ordered professional translations, however, you might be wondering why you would even need them. That freelancer agency down the road barely charges anything for their translations; perhaps they could help out? But the truth of the matter is that by saving money when it comes to translations, you might actually be spending more in the long run.

Let’s say you find a place that is willing to do your translation for cheap, but when you get it back, you realize it’s not actually that great. What if you find spelling mistakes and inconsistent vocabulary? What if the target language text doesn’t fit your original formatting anymore? Take it a step further and think – should this text even be seen by anyone who hasn’t signed an NDA? All of these issues could require corrections and further interactions with the agency and/or translator, which would cost more time and money.

Professional translations should only be done by someone who has professional training in the source language and only translates into their native language. Furthermore, the person should have extensive training in the subject matter they are translating, be it law-related, financial, technical or other. For example, a translator should know how to adhere to the compliance requirements on inspection forms, as well as using the correct terminology for international training material. If these training materials are falsely or inconsistently translated, this could delay your company’s overseas rollout.

Nuances like these are also the reason why (neural) machine translation will never produce the same quality as human translation; human knowledge regarding localisation and subtle culture and language differences can make all the difference. A professional translator is aware of these potential obstacles and knows how to avoid them.

EVS Translations follows all these requirements when it comes to the over 90 in-house translators here. On top of that, they are supported by a full in-house IT team, that can format your documents to look as professional and print-ready as you desire, no matter the target language. Are you interested in getting your documents translated or have any other questions regarding basic document translation? Don’t hesitate to call us at +1 404-523-5560 or email us at usa(at)evs-translations.com!