25 Oct /12

The Language of Energy – Translation Company exhibits at world’s largest exhibition for the gas industry

EVS Translations exhibited as the only language service provider at this year’s Gastech conference, the world’s largest and most renowned exhibition for the gas industry in London. The company provides industry specific translations of environmental impact assessments, well operation documents, geological surveys, and other documents related to the extraction and exploration of gas reserves.

While one might not expect a translation agency at a gas exhibition, founder and CEO of EVS Translations, Edward Vick noted that the company’s presence at the fair was received positively. “Some visitors might not have expected us here,” Vick explains “but I have a sense that our presence reminded them of the important role that accurate translations can play in this industry. Although it might not be on the top of the list of a production company, translations are an integral part of the business, as in almost every exploration and drilling project extensive documentation is required in both English and the local language.”

While his company can provide translations into over 30 languages, including such rarities as Greenlandic, the highest demand in the oil and gas industry is for Russian, Arabic, French, Spanish, and Portuguese translations, all languages EVS Translations services through in-house translators.

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