4 Dec /14

All The News That’s Fit to (Digitally) Print

The internet has changed and still is transforming our daily lives. One of the most interesting and noteworthy aspects of the digital revolution is the way news are produced and consumed in the age of instant accessibility. 20 years ago, in what seems like a different age, people would read about yesterday’s news in the morning paper and/or watch what happened during the day on the televised evening news. Now, in an age where news is reported as it happens and distributed instantly and often unfiltered in various formats, the old news reporting appears as outdated as a cassette player or a video recorder.

Today, more than 2.8 billion people are using the Internet, which is approximately 40% of the global population. More than 70% of these users state that they receive at least some portion of their news information from an online source. While most people depend on a number of specialized local or national sources for their news that present a selection of available stories based on the interest of their audience, others prefer accessing the news of the day in a more unfiltered fashion. For those interested in to sort and discover the world’s headlines on their own, news agencies are an especially popular source. Traditionally established agencies such as the Associated Press, Agence France-Presse, Bloomberg, or Thomson Reuters, have dominated the market, but in times of smart phone abundance small news outlets are increasingly able to break a story quicker than their big counterparts by capitalizing on the observational skills and curiosity of everyday people. Other agencies exclusively deal with single-industries or focus on a particular region and thereby help to further diversify the production and reporting of news.

Without a doubt, the ever-increasing interconnectedness of the global economy as well as growing global social connections, the need for diverse, relevant, and detailed information streams has never been more important. In this process, news from agencies in developing areas and niche markets formerly neglected by news makers play an especially interesting role. China’s Xinhua and Brazil’s Agência Brasil (Brazil topped the list of the countries with the biggest increase of social media subscribers for 2012), video-heavy outlets like Turkey’s Ihlas, and supranational organizations such as the African Press Organization (with 300 million mobile subscribers in 30 different countries) have understood the trend and bring together global reach and local relevance by presenting their comprehensive content in an ever-increasing number of languages.

In a business where time is money, news agencies that attempt to translate all of this data in-house without the appropriate resources often find themselves quickly losing a small fortune. Instead save time and money and entrust a professional media translation service with your latest headlines. From news articles and press releases to multimedia and digital content feeding – EVS Translations is the ideal partner for the media industry. Having worked with press agencies and media organizations around the globe, EVS Translations understands the need for fast turnaround and precise media translations.

Whether you are a global media company or a local press agency, we can provide you with a one-stop solution for all your media translations needs, from multilingual textual and media content translation, transcreation and copyrighting, through multilingual voice-overs and subtitling services, multilingual interpreting services for press events, to desktop and mobile content localization in multiple languages and global content management.

With 7 offices in 5 countries and the capability to work across time zones, EVS Translations is specifically set up to complete complex, high-volume media translations into more than 50 languages.

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