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How qualified is your outsourced translation team?

How qualified is your outsourced translation team?
How qualified is your outsourced translation team?

When you have content that your team has worked hard to produce – whether it’s video content or necessary documentation – you’ll want to be sure that your translation provider can help you recreate that in a new language to the same high standard. What does that take?

Of course, as a translation provider, we’ll advocate using a professional translator – someone with the appropriate qualifications and experience. There can be a massive difference in the quality of work and service between someone qualified and someone who isn’t.

An inexperienced translator versus a pro translator

So, what’s the difference between an inexperienced translator and a pro translator? And how do these differences benefit the end user of content?

Inexperienced translators may find it difficult to read the source language and recreate the content naturally in their native language. The target language content may become awkward or hard to read because the translator cannot move away from the source language’s grammatical structures and word choices.

This is a skill that takes time to build. The pros have it down to a fine art.

An expert translator not only recrafts the content so it reads as if it started life in their native language, but they can do this under time pressure, delivering on time and message.

What’s more, pro translators are tech-savvy. They work in a translation software environment which helps them to:

  •  Adhere to client-style guides
  •  Access terminology databases
  •  Keep the translation consistent

If a translator is working through 20,000 words, it’s possible that they won’t remember how they chose to translate specific terms or phrases that appeared earlier on in the content. This can become confusing for a reader when the same source term is translated in different ways. Translation software flags up repeating terms so the translator can select the exact translation each time.

This is excellent news for the end reader or a user experience. Flawless readability, consistency, and finesse – this is what you get with a pro translator. And this is what you need if you want people to engage with content or effectively absorb information.

Qualifications and certifications at EVS Translations

The translator team at EVS Translations involved in the translation process has verifiable qualifications that correspond to the requirements of the ISO 17100 standard – an internationally accepted standard for translation services. Only experts in specialist areas with university degrees and several years of professional experience in their specialist fields pass through the systematic selection process. EVS Translations has specific requirement profiles which identify actual/target skills to establish the induction/training requirements of the parties involved. The minimum requirements are determined depending on the role.

Translator training at EVS Translations

At EVS Translations, our training programme for in-house employees covers training on specialist topics (approximately 20 training courses per year) and training for translation-related tools (approximately 100 training courses per year). Furthermore, EVS Translations is happy to make translators and other staff available to meet with the client for training opportunities, kick-off meetings, webinars, or on-site translation projects for confidential or secret information.

Nevertheless, every translator needs to start somewhere, though, and collect practical experience. For graduates we offer translation traineeships in specialist areas, such as financial or technical translation, where candidates work closely with their mentor and train to become a junior translator afterwards.

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