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"fst is a strategy-led design agency. As part of a wider project for our global payments technology client, we created an interactive e-learning tool. Having already partnered with EVS Translations in previous projects, we enlisted their support in the localization of the English source content into Latin American Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. This also included the sourcing and recording of professional voice-overs. Recording took place mid-pandemic, but we were still able to complete the project and meet the client’s launch date. I would like to thank the team at EVS Translations for being so professional and flexible with our project demands. We look forward to continuing to work with you."

- FST Marketing Communications

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  • A Guide for Media Production and Marketing AgenciesFile Size: 3 MBThis guide explains the process of video localization. Find out how agencies can partner with language service providers to produce multilingual videos with localized subtitles, voice-over recordings and on-screen text. Download all the insight and advice here.

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Customer Showcase: Voiceovers for a Large Health Insurance Provider


Customer Showcase: Voiceovers for A Large Health Insurance Provider


At the end of 2022, we received a project request from a new client for translations and voiceovers for a large number of fitness and relaxation video and audio files which were to be used in their proprietary app. There was a total of 86 video and 43 audio files in German, adding [...]

Why Steven Spielberg says no to subtitling


Why Steven Spielberg says no to subtitling


For marketers looking to create subtitles or voice-overs for video content, Steven Spielberg raises an interesting issue about understanding your target demographic. Why Steven Spielberg said no to subtitling his latest film There’s been a lot of research in recent years into the [...]

Checklist: 4 key questions to cover when preparing to translate video content


Checklist: 8 Questions Your Video Translation Provider Should Be Asking You - EVS Translations


Video content is a powerful way to engage audiences and producing it will continue to be a priority for many marketers and communications departments. From recorded livestream events between the C-suite and a global workforce to digital conferences and product launches, corporate [...]

Video Content as a Powerful Tool at Every Stage of the Customer Journey


Video Content as a Powerful Tool at Every Stage of the Customer Journey - EVS Translations


Video is the perfect medium to support customers along their decision-making process and a powerful tool to strengthen customer relationships and improve sales funnels and conversion rates. Wyzowl’s* Video Marketing Statistics 2020: The State of Video Marketing annual report [...]